Uncle Pervy's Playhouse


Fixing Her Pipes Naughty Mrs. Worthington has a plumbing problem and she needs her pipes cleaned out and fixed. Can our hero come to the rescue?
The Erotic Adventures of BJ Cox: Epsisode 1: Breeder Our hero breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Luckily he's rescued by a local hick who has three daughters that need a good shaggin'. Can he impregnate all three of the girls? Can he curl their toes? Can he keep up with three sex machines?
Alien Gang Bang This is just too weird to describe but suffice it to say that involves not only aliens but Bigfoot and Hugh Jackman as well. Simply put, this is every girl's fantasy come to life.
Sock Pervert at the Laundromat A creepy sock stalker hangs out at the local laundromat with the dream of finding a college girl in socks. Does he succeed? Can he find a sock slut to cater to his twisted, perverted desires? For $1.49 you can find out!